1 + 1 = Success ( The Dynamics of Effective Partnership) eBook



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We see partnerships throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation – Joshua and Caleb, Moses and Aaron, Moses and Miriam, Elijah and Elisha, Elijah and Gehazi, and so many more. Even Jesus, the Son of God, one who knew He had all power within Him, the epitome of God manifested in flesh knew He could not fulfill His purpose on earth by Himself. On His ministry journey, Jesus chose the 70, He chose the 12, then He chose the 3, and then the 1. If you are a part of humanity, you have not been called to walk by yourself. You have been called to partner with people. Christians are movers and shakers in the earth and therefore, we can create dynamic, amazing partnerships in the world to promote the gospel, build strong businesses and entrepreneurial ventures, build strong marriages and families, educate our children and foster camaraderie, peace and wholeness in the world.

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