5 Ways to Achieve Your Goal

June 22, 2017

Do you have goals? What are your goals and what are you doing to achieve them? And why do we need them?

In Wikipedia, a GOAL is defined as a desired result or possible outcome that a person plans and commits to achieve.

A goal is something that you need to attain, a dream to accomplish and a promise to yourself that needs to be fulfilled. But how will you do it? Here’s the list that will help you.

1. Set and Choose the Right Goal – Decide all the goals that you’re planning to accomplish.

Aiming high is a good motivation but be sure that it is attainable. Always consider your ability in setting your goal. In addition, think of why you want to achieve those goals. Ask yourself: is the goal challenging, measureable and worthy of your time and effort?

2. Commit to Your Goal – Write your goals and think of ways how to achieve them.  It can start with studying, researching and discovering. Discover all your potential and skills that will help you the most. Also, you may be needing advice from other people, such as your parents, siblings or friends.  They can give you additional motivation.

3. Formulate a Plan – A plan is a big help to achieve your goal. Decide where to begin and make a step by step plan of the vital tasks needed for your goal. You can set a deadline, but be sure that it is realistic.

4. Begin and Stay Focused – Remember, the secret of getting ahead is getting started. After getting motivated and making plans, start and do it.

5. Continuous Assessment – While on your routine, make a definite assessment from time to time. Check if you’re establishing the step by step process that you made. Observe and recognize the outcome.

I truly suggest, do not forget to pray for your goal. God has plan, if that goal is for you, probably it will happen; but if it is not, accept it and make a new goal until you achieve what God has planned for you.

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