About Pastor Debra Jordan

Prophetess Debra Jordan is a highly anointed vessel of the Lord. She is wife of Bishop E. Bernard Jordan and The mother of five children: Naomi, Bethany, Joshua, Aaron and Yakim Manasseh. Debra Jordan is a prophetess in her own right, used in realms of prophecy since the age of 12. She has ministered nationally and internationally; furthermore, is noted for the accuracy and depth of the prophetic word that flows through her.


Prophetess Jordan is a skilled preacher and a dynamic teacher who can rightly divide the Word of Truth. She is also a powerful intercessor and is noted for her understanding of the various levels of prayer. She is also blessed with a healing anointing and has been greatly used of By God to work miracles of healing in many individuals.


Prophetess Jordan is very sensitive to the needs of women. From this compassion, she founded The Queen’s Chambers and Zoe Women’s Fellowship, where they gather to address issues critical to the maturity of Christian women everywhere. The Queen’s Chambers oversees OPERATION HOPE, an auxiliary ministry under the covering of Zoe Ministries, which help feed homeless adult women and their children; moreover, mentor women in the New York Prison System. The women receive motivational teachings and gain work experience in shipping and handling, computer literacy, etc.