Interesting Facts About Covenants in the Bible

February 4, 2017

There is so many facts about covenants in the bible. I want to discuss what is the covenants in the bible. In the Word of God, you’ll see different types of covenants. Unlike contracts, covenants cannot be broken. They stand the test of time; even up to our present and future time.  

  1. For conditional covenants, you must act.

A conditional covenant is a type of covenant that is a proposal of God to man, it consists of this type of formula: “If you will, then I will.”

This type of covenant where God promises to grant blessings to man if they fulfill the conditions that God has given them and if the man fails to fulfill the conditions that was given by God, then there is a punishment. The blessings are secured by obedience to God’s will.

  1. God is faithful with unconditional covenants.

An unconditional covenant is an act where God has obligated himself to bring definite blessings and conditions to his people. The formula for this covenant is: “I will”.

I will means God declares his determination to do what he promised to his people. Blessings are secured by his grace. There are certain conditions in the covenant by which God requests his people to fulfill out of gratitude but God’s blessings is not dependent on them.

  1.  The Eden Covenant is the first covenant between God and man.

The eden covenant is made between God and Adam. Adam is the representative of the entire human race and his actions will take effect in the whole humanity. 

  1. The Adam covenant represents the whole human race, not just Adam.

In the Adam covenant, God and Adam are the one who is involve in this covenant. Adam is again representing the whole human race to God. The judgment that God gave to Adam is the judgment to humanity. In this covenant God has individually addressed the serpent, Satan, Adam and Eve.

There are three provisions that concern the serpent:

  1. He is cursed above all creatures in the animal kingdom.
  2. The serpent is to crawl on its belly.
  3. Dust shall be the serpent’s food.

There are four provisions given into relationship with Satan.

  1. There would be hatred between Satan and woman.
  2. This hatred will culminate between Satan’s seed, the antichrist and the woman’s seed, the messiah.
  3. The serpent would bruise the heel of the woman’s seed.
  4. The prophecy of the Lord’s victory over Satan goes on to say that the woman’s seed will crush Satan’s head.

Eve and all women have three provisions:

  • Multiplication of menstrual pain and conception.
  • The woman was to give birth in pain.
  • The wife has to be in subjection to the husband.
  1. The Noah covenant is the basis of human government.

This covenant is between God and Noah. Just like Adam, Noah stood as a representative for the entire human race. When God let the earth be flooded, everything was wiped out. Mankind descended not just from Adam but also from Noah. I go into the details of this covenant in my book, 10 Commandments of Covenants in the Scripture.” The judgment of tribulation against gentiles will come because of the violations in the Noah covenant

  1. We can claim the unconditional covenant God made with Abraham.

The Abraham covenant is about God’s promise. It is an unconditional covenant; that last through the end of time.

You will show faithfulness to Jacob and steadfast love to Abraham,
as you have sworn to our fathers
 from the days of old. (Micah 7:20, ESV)

What is your covenant that God have given to you?

Looking forward to reading your comments.