Have Accountability Over Your Body

January 2, 2019

Having accountability doesn’t only mean struggling alone because we often need someone we can talk to. Let’s admit it, we can’t always thrive in life alone.  It’s best that you have a person you can be accountable to. You need someone to talk to. Someone you are not afraid to approach but at the same time may have authority over you. Look for someone you can fully trust and whom you can say exactly the things you are struggling with.

Talk to someone you are comfortable to share what is needed to share. Your accountability to that person doesn’t mean you need to say all the details of your life. Identify what are the things necessary to tell to that person so that he/she may help you to overcome such struggle.

Talk to Someone Who Fears God

Make sure that you are talking to a person who fears God. This is important because wisdom comes from those who fear God. And that is what we need – wise counsel. Also, you may be accountable not just to one. It can be more than one person as long as you know that this person is someone you can trust and has a relationship with God.

A person who has a relationship with God will push you to pursue purity and holiness. He/she will pray with you, correct you and rebuke you if needed. Your accountability partner will help you to mirror yourself. He/she will tell you what you really need to hear because he/she cares for you.

Know Your Company

The Bible says that bad company destroys your character. If you ask for prayer, advice, help, and counsel; a bad company may not help you with it. Therefore, if you want to be strong and make your convictions intact, surround yourself with people who have a relationship with God.

You can never go wrong with having people who love God around you. It’s one of the best decisions that you could ever make. They will help you to stand still and wait. They will encourage you to preserve your virginity until it’s the right time.

You may also ask Christian people who had mistakes in losing their virginity before marriage. You may learn a lot from them. And they may encourage you more with the difference of giving up your virginity in the bonds of marriage. This will help you not to do the same mistake as they did.

Learn to Listen

Those people whom we are accountable to will not just listen to our cries and concerns. But they will also speak on their behalf. And as they tell us what we need to hear, we should learn how to listen.

It will be good for us to let go of our egos and pride from things we may hear. We need to understand that God sends them to help us walk to glorify Him.

These people’s concern is for us to experience the best things that God has in store for us. If we will trust them, they will help us to stand in our convictions by encouraging us and praying for us.

Doesn’t it feel good that you know there are people who care for you, pray for and encourage you?

Some Thoughts to Ponder Over

Have you looked for a Christian man/woman whom you can be accountable to? Are you still dealing with trust? What do you do about it? If you already have your accountability partner, how does he/she help you now?