How Important is Virginity to you?

January 27, 2019

Men and women nowadays who have sex regularly are bothered and concerned with pregnancy. If you value your virginity, you won’t think of this possible consequence that you, your partner, your family and other people around you will be affected. You won’t worry about finances, emotional needs and other concern that you need to consider when this thing happened.

And because of no other obligations, you may enjoy your time with your family and friends. You may still continue to enjoy the season of being independent.

Free from any Sickness and Disease

Purity is healthy. If you are a virgin, you are free from any sexually transmitted disease such as HIV / AIDS, herpes, genital warts, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Don’t you think that it feels so good that you are free from any sickness that may bring to you by having sex to anyone outside marriage? You are not just protecting yourself from the disease but also your future spouse and children. It will be an honor to see your spouse and kids healthy. A reward that is priceless.

Preserving your Virginity Frees You from Emotional Trauma

If you are a virgin, you have protected yourself from pains, trauma, shame, heartache, and guilt. You are free from the bondage. Those bondages may not help you enjoy your relationship with your spouse on your marriage. Being a virgin will make your self-esteem high and have your own self-pride.

Being a virgin gives you freedom from any insecurity. It gives you such confidence of your value and worth. Knowing that you have not made any soul ties to anyone, you will be free enjoying the relationship you will have with your spouse.

Happy Marriage

I believe it is everybody’s dream to be happily married. And when you obey God, to wait in His time and preserve your virginity until marriage, you are securing yourself the place of God’s blessings. God intends for you to be happy in marriage. As you obey and honor Him, He will never fail to bless you in your marriage life. And when He blesses something, He doesn’t add any trouble to it. 1 Believe and have faith.

Most of the women feel very special when they know that their men would wait for them. And most men prefer to marry a virgin. Imagine if you two waited and trusted God for His time to do sex inside marriage. Imagine yourself, giving your all and your best to that someone who deserves the gift of virginity. No ties and unpleasant memories in your mind. It will only be you and your spouse. That will be so beautiful.

Thoughts to Ponder to Over

Is your virginity important to you? Do you want to be happy with your sex life in your marriage? Are you willing to take the risk to experience emotional trauma? Why or why not?