The Power of Choice in Discovering Your Higher Self

November 11, 2018

The power of choice determines our growth and freedom. Every single day, we have the chance to choose. When we exercise the power of choice, we hold ourselves responsible for our choices. We are able to consciously decide so that we are not blaming others for the outcome of our choices.

We All Have the Power of Choice

How many times have you heard others or yourself say, “I don’t have a choice”? Most of us are guilty of this. I, myself, also used to say this a lot until I learned to own my choices. The truth is that we always have a choice. This is the only thing we have even when we face life’s biggest challenges…

The 4 Choices We Have in Life

Next time you say you don’t have a choice, breathe for a moment and think. In between the stimulus and your response is a space that allows you to make a choice. Here are the 4 choices we all have at any given circumstance.

1. Stay in the belief of “I don’t have a choice” and always become the victim

Whenever you say “I don’t have a choice”, you are already choosing to be the victim. You are giving up control of your life to people or circumstances. It is like living your life on auto-pilot because you have made a choice and now couldn’t get out of it. I am telling you, this can be really energy-draining and disempowering. Soon enough, it will take its toll on your health and well-being.

2. Make a new option or agreement

It totally makes sense to stick to the original agreement. However, at times, creating a new one is the best option for all parties. Can you extend the deadline? Can you work out the price? Is there any other way you can achieve your desired outcome? Always think of a win-win solution.

3. Seek help from others

Pride often gets in the way of getting what we truly deserve. You have to start discovering alternative resources to broaden your choices. Think about duplicating yourself or delegating your workload to other team members. Are there any other resources you haven’t tapped?

4. Enjoy and accept your original choice

Now, this is the most challenging choice anyone could have. When you choose to stick with your original choice, it requires your commitment to changing the way you see it. I am not telling you to pretend but to develop a new perspective of your original choice so you re-learn to embrace and enjoy it.

The Power of Choice and Your Higher Self

Once you take ownership of your choices, you empower yourself more. You overcome your fears. You discover the strengths you never knew existed. This, in turn, makes you feel good about yourself. You live your life with happiness and inner peace. It is all about changing your old-age belief that you don’t have a choice…