Zoe Ministries

Founded in 1983 by Senior Pastor of Zoe Ministries, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, along with Pastor Debra Jordan, his lovely wife, who also serves as chief financial officer, Zoe Ministries was birthed in Westfield, New Jersey with 60 individuals in attendance. A thriving prophetic house of the Lord with the vision to globalize the prophetic and the gospel of the Lord, Zoe Ministries has touched the life of millions both nationally and internationally. With a heart and passion to educate and train the Lords prophets, Bishop Jordan established the School of the Prophets in 1985. God makes prophets but the Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan trains them up.

The teachings of Bishop Jordan provide God’s divine laws of living a healthy and prosperous life, in business, family and spirituality. It is in the heart of the Master Prophet to see the people of God successful in every way. As Bishop Jordan has traveled to Swaziland and South Africa he has delivered the word of the Lord to Kings, Queens and Royal family. The Master Prophet has prophesied to many nation bringing the Lord’s wise counsel to the masses and liberating nations in the process.

As Zoe Ministries continues to mature and grow, so does the prophetic office of Bishop Jordan, impacting the Body of Christ in a most remarkable manner. Zoe Ministries is currently located at 310 Riverside Dr. New York, NY 10025. For more information, visit www.zoeministries.com.