Prove Them Wrong

May 31, 2019

What is it that is troubling you lately?


Our faith requires us to have an openness to God’s word. At times when we are troubled, we must seek the word of God to guide us.


Let my prayer come before thee: incline thine ear unto my cry;

-Psalm 88:2


Life is never easy all the time. As women, we face unique challenges; and to this day, there are still some external forces that try to keep us down. Many have already been empowered, but there are still quite a number of women across the world who have yet to stand up for themselves. Now, which category do you belong to?


Whatever challenge you’re facing, know that you have the strength and the smarts to come out smiling in success! You just have to believe in yourself!


Do not let others discourage you from what you can accomplish. God is on your side! You can do whatever you set your heart out to do. If there are people trying to tell you otherwise, throw their negative words into the flames and use it to keep your fire within burning! Use their pessimism as your fuel to prove them wrong!


Use your time, talents and treasure to prove them wrong! If you think it’s impossible, try to look at the many famous women in history who have achieved great things for mankind. God did not create us to live in doubt and fear; He created us to grab opportunities and make great things happen!


For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7


As believers, we share in God’s divine teachings and we practice His commandment of loving thy neighbor. Share this with a fellow woman in your life who needs this encouragement.


Who knows, you might just be the key in unlocking her divine potential.