Radical Approach to Grief

What is grief?

Grief is defined as deep and poignant distress caused by loss. While it is commonly associated with the loss of a loved one, it can also be caused by the following:


  • Loss of a relationship – romantic partner, friend, or family member
  • Loss of a pet
  • Loss of a job
  • Loss of a business
  • Loss of good health
  • Loss of finances
  • Loss of a home

These are just some examples of the causes of grief in a person’s life. Dealing with grief can be a very difficult journey, but you don’t have to go through it alone!


What do you do when you experience grief?

Different people turn to different things when they experience grief. Some turn to substance abuse (i.e. drugs or alcohol), emotional eating (overeating or under-eating), compulsive spending, hoarding, isolation, over-working, sexual activity or aggression. 

While these things can give the false impression of comfort in your time of grief, they are, in fact, more harmful to you in your state. Not only can it make things worse for you, but also for the people around you. 

So, what can we do when we experience grief? As children of God, the best thing for us to do is to turn to Him.  

In times of grief, God sends ways to help us handle it! Next month, a special event is coming to help people experiencing grief to seek comfort from the Lord and restore peace in their lives. 

Zoe Ministries invites everyone to the Radical Approach to Grief event on November 29 – 30, 2019 (9:00 am – 5:00 pm). Let Pastor Debra Jordan, Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan and Coach Jean Lloyd teach you how to manage grief through the grace of God.

Discover the best approach in grief management through prayer and faith. The Radical Approach to Grief event will take place at the Zoe Ministries Church: 310 Riverside Dr, New York. Click the link below to register.




Discovering Your True Purpose

It’s time to start discovering true purpose. Before you can inspire others, you must first be inspired to live your life ON purpose. Here are 4 ways you can discover your true purpose in life.


  1. Know Your Cause

The first step to discovering your purpose is to distinguish what your cause is. There is no point enrolling others if you do not have a cause to stand by and work towards. Thus, it is essential that first and foremost, you must find what it is you wish to dedicate all your time and energy into.

If we want to determine what our cause should be, we must think of what it is God wants us to accomplish in our time here on earth. The key to answering such a question is to look inwardly, and as honestly as you can. Ask yourself what you are naturally inclined towards. What interests and inspires you? What are you passionate about? What cause suits the unique traits and talents that you have?

Remember, if you want to enroll others in your cause, make sure that your causes something you are inspired by. That is the only way in which you can inspire others in turn.


  1. Connect with Others With the Same Cause

We cannot enroll anyone unless we are completely invested in the idea of sharing our cause with others. Those who feel half-hearted about having new members onboard will more likely have difficulty engaging people in enrollment.

Despite the fact that humans are naturally social creatures, there are some people who prefer to actualize their cause without any external help. They may have many friends and family members who are close to them, yet still they prefer to keep their cause to themselves. They are uncomfortable with the idea of letting others in on something that is very personal and meaningful to them.

If we are truly committed to actualizing our cause, we must overcome our hang-ups when it comes to working with others. We must welcome the idea of forming a team and leading others. That is the only way we will be able to create a space for true enrollment.


3. Be Courageous to Express Your Passion

One of the best ways to enroll others is by simply being genuine. Many people are surprised by the fact that enrollment can be very easy if one is authentic. You need not convince or pursue others to enroll in your cause when you are already genuinely expressing your passion for it.


    1. Living Out Your Passion is a Process

One thing great leaders know to be true is that enrollment, when done properly, is an ongoing process. We do not simply cease to enroll the moment we have enough members onboard. Those who are part of the team are continually being enrolled from start to finish. If we want to have a team of engaged and competent members, we must understand that enrollment is ongoing, thus, must be nurtured. We need to be active participants in the journey of each of our members.

What is your true cause in life? Excited to see your response.



Interesting Facts About Covenants in the Bible

There is so many facts about covenants in the bible. I want to discuss what is the covenants in the bible. In the Word of God, you’ll see different types of covenants. Unlike contracts, covenants cannot be broken. They stand the test of time; even up to our present and future time.  

  1. For conditional covenants, you must act.

A conditional covenant is a type of covenant that is a proposal of God to man, it consists of this type of formula: “If you will, then I will.”

This type of covenant where God promises to grant blessings to man if they fulfill the conditions that God has given them and if the man fails to fulfill the conditions that was given by God, then there is a punishment. The blessings are secured by obedience to God’s will.

  1. God is faithful with unconditional covenants.

An unconditional covenant is an act where God has obligated himself to bring definite blessings and conditions to his people. The formula for this covenant is: “I will”.

I will means God declares his determination to do what he promised to his people. Blessings are secured by his grace. There are certain conditions in the covenant by which God requests his people to fulfill out of gratitude but God’s blessings is not dependent on them.

  1.  The Eden Covenant is the first covenant between God and man.

The eden covenant is made between God and Adam. Adam is the representative of the entire human race and his actions will take effect in the whole humanity. 

  1. The Adam covenant represents the whole human race, not just Adam.

In the Adam covenant, God and Adam are the one who is involve in this covenant. Adam is again representing the whole human race to God. The judgment that God gave to Adam is the judgment to humanity. In this covenant God has individually addressed the serpent, Satan, Adam and Eve.

There are three provisions that concern the serpent:

  1. He is cursed above all creatures in the animal kingdom.
  2. The serpent is to crawl on its belly.
  3. Dust shall be the serpent’s food.

There are four provisions given into relationship with Satan.

  1. There would be hatred between Satan and woman.
  2. This hatred will culminate between Satan’s seed, the antichrist and the woman’s seed, the messiah.
  3. The serpent would bruise the heel of the woman’s seed.
  4. The prophecy of the Lord’s victory over Satan goes on to say that the woman’s seed will crush Satan’s head.

Eve and all women have three provisions:

  • Multiplication of menstrual pain and conception.
  • The woman was to give birth in pain.
  • The wife has to be in subjection to the husband.
  1. The Noah covenant is the basis of human government.

This covenant is between God and Noah. Just like Adam, Noah stood as a representative for the entire human race. When God let the earth be flooded, everything was wiped out. Mankind descended not just from Adam but also from Noah. I go into the details of this covenant in my book, 10 Commandments of Covenants in the Scripture.” The judgment of tribulation against gentiles will come because of the violations in the Noah covenant

  1. We can claim the unconditional covenant God made with Abraham.

The Abraham covenant is about God’s promise. It is an unconditional covenant; that last through the end of time.

You will show faithfulness to Jacob and steadfast love to Abraham,
as you have sworn to our fathers
 from the days of old. (Micah 7:20, ESV)

What is your covenant that God have given to you?

Looking forward to reading your comments.

5 Things You Must Know About Building Loyalty

It takes work to building loyalty. Building loyalty exists when someone has a strong support or allegiance towards someone or something. Loyalty is also significantly critical for businesses, for leaders, and for breakthroughs. Loyalty is not reserved for romantic relationships or marriages. Instead, loyalty is a powerful thing to gain for leadership influence. Here are five things you must understand about building loyalty:

  1. Loyalty Means You ALWAYS Get Chosen

When people are loyal to a leader or a company, a better offer will be turned down. Moreover, loyal people are willing to experience inconvenience or to pay a premium just so they can stick with the company. For example, it doesn’t matter if you’re working longer hours because you believe in the company you’re working for. Customers who experience inconvenience for buying your products, such as having to go in line for hours just to buy the latest gadget offering, might say, “This is not worth it!” and shift to another brand.

  1. Loyalty Means They’re Happy With Their Choice

Loyal people are not only choosing you all they time. They also perceive greater value for what you do and will happily pay a premium or suffer some sort of inconvenience to be part of your cause.  Loyal people are the people who, on their own volition, will tell others about you.

  1. Loyalty Cannot Be Explained

If you ask these people “why” they’re loyal to you, you probably won’t get answers that you can accurately quantify. The closest you can extract will be “they just get you”. However, if you get people to be loyal to you, they will encourage the rest to follow you.

  1. Loyalty Cannot Be Forced

There are two ways to influence behavior, through manipulation and through inspiration. Of the two, only inspiration can build loyalty. Enrollment is a powerful inspiration. It is the ability to touch, to move, and to inspire. Manipulation is not necessarily evil, but it will never be an inspiration or an enrollment. 

  1. Loyalty is Produced by Authentic Causes

A clear sense of purposes sets expectations. When we don’t know what an organization stands for, we don’t know what to expect, so we expect the minimum — price, quality, service, and features — the commodity stuff. However, when we do have a sense for the leader’s “why”, we expect more. When more is delivered, we trust these leaders, and soon, loyalty can be formed.

4 Tips to Living Life On Purpose

As human beings, we always look for reason. It is in our nature to ask why and what. It is in our genes to be logical and reasonable. It is in our character to always have basis for something. These things set us apart from other living things. These things make us smart. These things make us the leaders of different cultures.

  1. Live Your Life Great

Our purpose inspires us. Without it, we lose directions in life. If we do not know why we have to do what we have to do, we lose interest and then eventually we lose motivation. Motivation pushes us to become better and once we lose it, we just all become stagnant. Same goes with direction, without it nothing about the future will ever be clear.

Our Purpose gives us never-ending strength, motivation, and loyalty.

We are all blessed to be given the chance to live. Our lives must be meaningful. We have to live it well and in order to do this, we have to make sure that we express our true purpose in everything that we say, do, and create.

The Word of God tells us: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). Even God has a purpose for all of us. He knows exactly why we are all here on Earth. He knows why it is important for us to be doing what we are meant to be doing. It is our responsibility to seek and reflect on our purpose and make sure that we are living a life that God has planned for all of us.

  1. Allow Your Life to Unfold

Everything that we encounter in our lives has a purpose. We cannot just simply land into a situation that is not relevant to our lives. Everything happens for a reason and we just have to open our minds so that we can see what these reasons are.

Our lives deserve to be trusted. We just have to let it happen. We should stop trying to control so much. When we meet someone that we like at first and then hurts us in the end, we would initially think that there is no sense in meeting a person that we’ll leave eventually. This is wrong.

We have to change our way of thinking so that we can see the purpose that’s behind every event. It could be that we had to meet this person to make us realize the things that we want and we do not want in a partner. Maybe we had to meet this person so that we can get hurt and eventually become stronger. Maybe we had to meet this person so that we can learn about virtues like trust, loyalty, and love.

There are reasons why we meet the people we meet in our lives. There are reasons why we experience the things that we experience in life. Let us not disregard these experiences because they are all important in building our lives. They are all important because they all have the purpose.

  1. Think of Others

We are made so that we can be a blessing to other people. We are here so that we can fulfill our purpose. As people of God, it is automatically our purpose to help one another because we are just one big family. Our neighbors, co-workers, friends and even strangers are also our brothers and sisters.

We cannot hide the fact that we are all made for each other, and we are used as vessels to be blessings to each other. Without the people in our lives, we cannot be truly happy. We have to be selfless so that we can serve others. We have to be selfless so that we can put others first. Selflessness leads us to fulfilling our purpose and the purpose that God has designed for us.

  1. Find Significance in What You Do

We are the type of creature that knows how to make sense of things. We do not create anything that does not have any sense. We always ask “why” so that we can understand the reason behind everything. We never push forward in doing something that we really do not understand.

In order for a human being to perform well and be good, he must know the meaning and the purpose. This is the reason why we always ask our superiors in the office about the objectives of a certain project or campaign. When we are tasked to create a certain report, the first thing we ask is what the objective is about. This is because we cannot know how to create something or what to put into something if we do not know its objective.

Same thing goes with life. We cannot move forward if we do not know what the plans are for the future. We cannot live blindly. We have to know our purpose and we have to live according to that purpose. That is the only way we can make sense of things. We have to express our true purpose by living according to it and showing people that that is what we are doing.

How are you living YOUR life on purpose? Leave your comments and be an inspiration to others. Looking forward to reading your responses.

Free Prophecy Can Stop Poverty

Your free prophecy can stop poverty in your life. Your free prophecy can bring prosperity. Then I want to ask you what stop you from receiving a free prophecy.

Poverty and lack is never the solution any problem! I bet you know plenty of people who are awesome human beings, but they have nothing to offer in terms of money if someone needed a financial blessing. What I have learned about poverty is that it generates envy and a lot of pain. It is never a good idea to stay broke for an entire lifetime, because children will only imitate what they see.

We’ve all heard the adage, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”A positive mental attitude is a major factor in breaking the spirit of poverty. Poverty shows up in many forms, and it’s not just lack of money. But while I was in prayer, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You must have an attitude talk with your partners. The enemy comes in like a thief to rob the children of God of their wealth and their wealthy place.”

I want you, start to take action by:

  • Start walking into a new day, with a clearer outlook on life.
  • Continue to speak life and prosperity into your life.
  • It is time to put aside the foolish things and take hold of the prophetic word spoken over your life.
  • It is time for the supernatural to show up and show out.
  • Everything you do in life and everything that happens is created through right thinking.
  • When you think positive thoughts, the right words will create a future that allows prosperity to show up.

The right attitude will take you a very long way, but a bad attitude will keep doors shut. Never fall for the trick that the enemy puts out there, that you can mistreat people and still prosper. It brings me great joy to write to you today, because I have an attitude that says, “You are wealthy!”

In this season of walking with the attitude of “I am wealthy,” you are unconsciously putting together a plan that will sustain your growth and achievement. You cannot “wish” your way into success. But you can “attitude” your way to success. Think about it… everyone wants some level of success in their life. But unfortunately, just wanting it won’t get the job done.

A personal prophet, in your life is to take you to the next level of wealth. Desire is what forces you to roll up your sleeves and do what is needed to BE who God created you to BE!
“But so that we may not cause offense, go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.”  (Matthew17:27)