Requisites for a Successful Relationship

A successful relationship between a man and a woman involves a lot of factors. Both the man and the woman have equal contributions to it. The most important of these factors is having a proper self-image. A lot of us often overlook this truth. Many fail to realize that the way they see themselves has a huge effect on their relationship.

How Proper Self-Image Builds a Successful Relationship

Having a proper self-image means having a positive attitude towards yourself and others. It means appreciating your worth while behaving responsibly with those around you. It is more of having self-respect than being self-absorbed. However, just like any other skill, developing a proper self-image also takes time and practice.

Now, how does proper self-image help build a successful relationship? When you have a proper self-image, you are able to display a positive attitude and treat your partner well. Here are some ways that a proper self-image helps build a successful relationship:

  • You don’t criticize, blame, or shame your partner
  • You accept your partner as they are
  • You know how to praise and appreciate your partner genuinely
  • You know that mistakes are part of life and that the important thing is that you are both willing to change

Tips to Develop a Proper Self-Image

You first have to change the way you think about yourself before you can change your circumstances. Positive thinking helps you see yourself honestly and accept and love yourself. It helps you remove your internal barriers so you can start doing your best.

Here are some tips to develop a positive self-image:

  • Shake off negative thoughts
  • Highlight your strengths and assets
  • Accept your flaws and mistakes then move on and correct them
  • Encourage yourself more
  • Accept that some things are beyond your control
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Take a break regularly so you don’t feel burnt out
  • Believe that you can do the things you pray for
  • Learn to forgive and forget

You see, when you have a proper self-image, you see the person you love the same way you see yourself. And this is what helps build a successful relationship. Of course, on top of it all, putting God at the center of your relationship is truly what will make it successful.

Love Yourself to Attract The Kind of Man You Deserve

“Love yourself” is a saying that is easier said than done. We, ladies, tend to give too much of ourselves to the people we love. In return, we end up not saving enough for ourselves. However, there is a reason why you must learn to love yourself. Even the Bible has something to say about it. It totally makes perfect sense for it to be #2 on the 10 Commandments for Women.

For no one has ever hated his own body, but he nourishes and tenderly cares for it, as the Messiah does the church. -Ephesians 5:29

How You Love Yourself Will Set Your Standards

Showing people how you love yourself sets your standards. It cues them how to treat you. This also applies to attracting the kind of man that you deserve. Don’t be deceived though because there is more to loving yourself than the physical side.

To love yourself means to nurture your whole being. You look after your physical body, your mind, and your spirituality. These are all interwoven. If you only focus on taking care of your physical beauty, then a man won’t love you beyond that. You will attract men who will only love your pretty face or your body. This is not how you are supposed to be loved.

Good men care more than just about the physical. They desire a beautiful mind, a good heart, and a nurtured spirit. They want a woman who they can have clever conversations with. Someone who carries a heart that always gives, understands, forgives, and loves unconditionally is a priceless treasure for a man. They want somebody who gives utmost importance to her faith. This is an assurance that their walk with the Lord is always a top priority in their relationship. These qualities attract the right man for you to marry.